copy, script & content writing

At Power of 9, our copywriters work closely with our art directors, web developers, video editors plus SEO and online content specialists to create copy that is on strategy, that resonates with relevance.


Every word of copy has the same job; to compel the reader to continue reading and thereby get the intended message. We don’t waste words. When we write copy, every word counts.


Each Power of 9 video, big or small, starts with words that reveal the look, feel and tone of the work before any lights, camera, action! They do so in the form of a script that shows actors’ dialogue and narrators’ voiceover. It includes music and sound effects. It details the visuals and the action. Written well, our scripts provide a preview that informs and excites; that clients can buy into.

Content writing

We understand online media; how to design it and how to write it. Content is the lifeblood, the quality of which, with us, is as good and prolific as the flow.

PR writing

Regarding public relations, we understand that PR ‘tells’ while advertising ‘sells’. We are more than capable of doing both.

Whether we’re writing for a complex website, Facebook, multimedia or print, our words are a physical manifestation of an intellectual process that fully comprehends the needs of our clients’ brands and, in turn, of their target markets.

“Power of 9 understood our business quickly and was able to come up with new branding for our business that stood out and was very effective. Their writing and creative design is excellent and their overall offering is ideal for smaller businesses who need to make their marketing budget count.”