website design & development

Power of 9 designs and develops custom websites based on our unique understanding of our clients’ brands and businesses.  Our level of strategic involvement before, during and after the creation of our clients’ websites is what sets us apart from other agencies; from the initial project scoping to the moment of go-live, we partner with our clients to determine what their online requirements are and how to achieve them. This is then translated into the way the website looks, its features, functionality, content and navigation.

Whether for brand presence, marketing, e-commerce or internal communication, Power of 9’s designers, developers, writers and SEO and online content specialists work together to create fully-responsive websites that are:

Beautifully designed

Our frontend web designers reimagine the online world through innovative and fresh designs perfectly suited to our clients’ brands and the unique objectives of their websites. We design with an appreciation for the technical boundaries and a healthy irreverence that challenges them.

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Intuitively structured

The website project scoping and management process is led by our client service managers; their intuitive understanding of their clients’ businesses and objectives guides our creative and development team throughout the process of designing, building and writing their websites. They keep our clients informed and keep the lines of communication open to ensure the timeous sharing of information and management of timelines. It is our strategic understanding of our clients that ensures we structure their websites to best represent their businesses and meet the needs of their online audiences; from scope to site map and wireframe, the foundation is set for success.


Our experienced development team custom builds WordPress themes and plugins based on world-class development standards that adhere to best practices.  They focus on creating secure online interfaces that are fully responsive, user-friendly, easy to navigate, simple to maintain and, most-importantly that deliver on business requirements.

Purposefully written

Power of 9’s copywriters work with our SEO and online content team to craft a purposefully-populated website that attracts and retains the attention of a transient online audience. We understand the fine balance between search engine optimisation and brand integrity, and we master it.

Responsibly managed

To be effective marketing tools, websites need to live and breathe. Adding new and relevant content improves the search profile of a website, adds value to its users, and creates opportunities for social media marketing, linking, sharing and leveraging with bloggers, influencers and strategic brand partners. Power of 9’s content team specialises in the creation and management of website content and its integration with other marketing tactics.

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“Power of 9 have a very creative way of thinking, coupled with a sharp eye for detail. From my personal experience of Catherine Herbst’s involvement in our company branding, website design, PR and article writing, and promotion materials, her work speaks a million words for itself.”