employer branding

Simply put, employer branding is the image of the organisation as a great place to work.

Why is employer branding important? If your organisation is perceived as a great place to work, it will attract highly qualified, motivated and great people.

However, today’s younger generations are driven by a brand new set of values. No longer are high salaries and successful careers enough. Young people want more. They want to know, “Why should I work here, how does it fit into my life and why does this company do what it does?” They want purpose.

It’s no accident that companies with the strongest brands also top the rankings of the best employers. These companies speak with the same, clear voice to their customers and their employees.

Their brand positionings are based on customer insights that are respected, brand values that are lived, a brand proposition that is distinct, and brand promises that are kept.

Their brand positionings are then translated into employer value propositions. The two are aligned. They know there can only be one brand.

So do we. Power of 9 helps the brands we serve align what they say to their customers with what they say to their employees.

People make brands. Our extensive experience in brand communication, brand internalisation and human resources enables us to work at the highest level with our clients. Together, we develop employer branding that attracts and retains top talent; employees whose value is not only measured in their productivity

The quality of Alan Jacobson of Power 9’s work, besides being technically and creatively excellent, reflects a real understanding of our brand’s strategic direction. His videos help to ignite emotion and impart facts in a way that inspires PEP people to be the difference in our customers’ lives.

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