brand strategy

When Power of 9 opened doors in 2004, we also opened minds; first as a strategic brand consultancy and then as a strategic brand agency. Strategy – the how, what, where, when and to whom brands communicate – is at the heart of Power of 9.

The brand strategies we develop are inseparably linked to the business strategies of our clients’ organisations. They provide a formal framework on which to develop marketing plans, campaigns etc. and they concentrate minds to ensure consistent and strategic brand management.

We create brand strategies for new and existing companies as well as rebranded companies across myriad industries including business services, education and training, energy, retail and wholesale, healthcare, property, manufacturing and travel.

Power of 9 believes that a brand strategy can only be developed from a deep understanding of the company the brand represents and the markets in which the brand operates. This insight can only be acquired through comprehensive and tactical research. Power of 9 has formulated and follows a strict process to ensure that the brand strategies we develop provide the foundation on which marketing plans and initiatives are conceived, developed, managed and executed.

Our brand strategies include brand purpose, personality, values and personality, as well as brand architecture (including sub-branding and co-branding), brand messaging and market personas and profile.

Power of 9’s brand strategies initiate communication that is consistent yet flexible, connects with the market, builds customer/brand relationships filled with value and human truth. In other words, relationships that last.

“Balwin Properties has been working with Power of 9 since 2012 and has built a strong, trusting relationship with the agency. Power of 9 has implemented an array of projects for us; from launch events to traditional print media campaigns, and is our leading, digital strategic marketing partner. Power of 9 developed and manages our website and social media, as well as creates and manages most of our online content.”

Balwin Properties