social media marketing

The immediacy of social media can be intimidating for a brand; knowing if and why your brand needs to utilise these platforms, and if so, what to say, who to talk to and how to gauge your success is complex. It is for this reason that Power of 9’s social media marketing service is always based on a sound strategy which informs a comprehensive content plan and is managed in accordance with strict editorial guidelines and brand management processes.

We develop our clients’ social media strategies and plans in partnership with our clients, adhering to their inclination and capacity for this 24/7 communication environment. Once formulated we offer various management services including:

  • Training and supervising
  • Content creation only
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Content creation, scheduling and management (including engagement)

Whether we are managing our clients’ social media platforms in their entirety or in partnership with our clients, we do so with a willingness to adapt to the changing nature of the environments and the audiences; strategically analysing key insights available through reporting tools and engagement trends.

Each social media platform is unique and requires a custom approach. We have experience  creating content for and managing engagement on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • and others

“Balwin Properties has been working with Power of 9 since 2012 and has built a strong, trusting relationship with the agency. Power of 9 has implemented an array of projects for us; from launch events to traditional print media campaigns, and is our leading, digital strategic marketing partner. Power of 9 developed and manages our website and social media, as well as creates and manages most of our online content.”

Balwin Properties