outsourced marketing solutions

Partnerships drive Power of 9. For us, nowhere is this power of partnership more apparent than with companies that choose Power of 9 as their outsourced brand manager.

In an economic environment that’s uncertain, where competition is rampant and technology constantly changes, the need for organisations to focus on core competencies is unprecedented.

While honing and growing these competencies, large corporations sometimes do not have the internal brand marketing resource to take their brands to new levels. A strategic decision is then taken to outsource; to acquire the dedication, focus and expertise of branding specialists.

As outsourced marketing partners, we engage at the highest level. Our approach is free from the confines of the operational side of the business. We are objective, informed and empowered to deliver branding solutions that are exactly right.

Established marketing teams who want a partner who’s out there – who exposes them to new ideas through fresh thinking, who is aware of channels that challenge, tactics that entice – partner with Power of 9. We inject new energy, provide an ‘outside’ perspective unencumbered by the internal operations, politics, parameters and preconceptions of the business.

Besides established corporate companies, we also partner with start-up entrepreneurs – many who are women – who do not have the finances to employ an internal branding resource. We offer solutions that transcend typical brand marketing services. We offer a new perspective, we become a sounding board, a brainstorm partner or a devil’s advocate. We invest in their success.

For a number of our clients, Power of 9 has become their de facto outsourced marketing solution. For all of our clients, we are strategic partners whose true value far exceeds our literal costs.

“I have partnered with Power of 9 to ensure the development and management of a range of communications elements and services on behalf of my clients. The agency delivers in accordance to the issued brief, each and every time in a cohesive and consistent manner that I have learned to rely on and trust. Most of all, it is great to know that Power of 9 care and value my clients, as much as I do.”

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