marketing planning

Marketing plans are operational blueprints outlining the various projects and initiatives to be executed in a set timeframe, according to a predetermined budget to achieve identified objectives. They include specific marketing, advertising and communication tactics and techniques.

Power of 9 develops comprehensive marketing plans that include the what, why, where, who and how of each element included; with detailed background or research. Structured according to a defined budget, our marketing plans provide detail on the financial investment for each initiative and the expected return on that investment.

Whether an overarching marketing plan for a company or specific to a market, product, service or event, the marketing plans we create are based on a sound understanding of our clients’ businesses and markets and importantly, their brand strategies.

Our knowledge of the many available marketing opportunities, channels, tactics and techniques is up-to-date and thorough; ensuring that we consider all options when formulating our marketing plans. We also challenge convention and by thinking creatively and laterally, we go beyond the traditional and introduce new bespoke elements to our plans.

“Power of 9 was instrumental in creating ‘Kick TB’s’ fresh and vibrant ‘look and feel’ that did wonders in positively addressing a highly stigmatised disease such as TB, not only in South Africa, but globally. Power of 9 continuously gives us cutting edge innovation related to building our brand and keeping it current and ‘out there’.”

Dept. of Health (Kick TB)