Our values


When Jimi Hendrix turned guitar-playing on its head in the 60s, or when William Web Ellis picked up a soccer ball and created the game of rugby, it took more than the inspiration of a great idea. It took courage.

At Power of 9 we have this courage. We understand that time-honoured principles of great branding endure. We also understand that it takes great courage to compete in the ever-changing cut and thrust of inter-connective branding and advertising. By continuously brainstorming ideas that embrace this dynamic, new world, we help brands to adapt and grow, too.


Sometimes, one gets so caught up in the day-to-day business of life, one does not see the wondrous potential of a good idea. It takes an agility of mind, an ability to pause and change perspective, to see that the time to act on that idea is now.

Life gets its texture and vibrancy from the diverse nature of the world in which we live, the fusion of people whom we speak to every day. Power of 9 helps the brands we partner succeed through the power of agile ideas which drive their strategies, communications and actions.


Look at the night sky. See the stars. Sometimes they’re obscured by clouds or the glow of city lights. But they’re always there.

Great brands are like stars. Sometimes they’re obscured by competitors but, when those competitors fade away, they shine through. Great brands are always there. They’re recognisable, enduring. They have traction.

At Power of 9 we want our clients’ brands to have this kind of traction. Brands that resonate with relevance, that communicate ideas filled with human truth, that people relate to, trust, rely upon and love.