Just between friends

FRIENDS have been on a break since 2004, but we are finally going to find out how they’re doin’ in the much-anticipated reunion show set to air in May 2020. Fans all over the world are pivoting in their seats, breaking out in meat sweats and shouting ‘oh my Gawd!’ as FRIENDS fever takes over social media.

So, guess what, guess what, guess what?! Because it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal, the friends at Power of 9 decided to get into the spirit of unagi and share our FRIENDS’ fantasies.

We asked each Power of 9 team member:

  1. which FRIENDS character they were most like,
  2. which FRIENDS character they would like to have a cup of coffee with on the Central Perk sofa, and
  3. what they would talk about.


  1. Chandler
  2. Phoebe
  3. We would discuss the hilarious, weird wisdom of her meandering mind that lives on the tip of her tongue.


  1. Half Rachel and half Monica. Rachel, because she has great fashion sense and is a trendsetter, and Monica, because she is a great cook.
  2. Phoebe
  3. We would sit around drinking beer in wedding gowns.


  1. Ross
  2. Phoebe
  3. I would like her to teach me her guitar technique.


  1. Monica
  2. Chandler, because he is easy on the eye.


  1. Rachel with a little bit of Monica. Rachel because just like she did in episode 1, I’ve been learning to adult, spilling coffee along the way. Then add a little bit of Monica’s obsessive-compulsive personality onto that.
  2. Joey, because he is a good-natured foodie.
  3. Our love of food.


  1. Phoebe, because of her happy, hippie heart.
  2. Smelly Cat, although it will be a saucer of milk for her, not a cup of coffee.
  3. How to bath a cat!


  1. Mr Heckles
  2. Chandler
  3. Because we share the same sense of humour, we would have a lot of laughs making fun of the rest of the cast.


  1. Monica
  2. Joey
  3. Anything, as long as he makes me laugh.


  1. Joey
  2. Joey, because he is fun to be around and always has food with him.
  3. How to share the sub.


  1. Phoebe, because she is fun, interesting and a little bit crazy.
  2. Joey and Chandler’s duck
  3. No conversation, just silent petting.


  1. Monica
  2. Rachel
  3. Best friends’ advice on how to be strong independent women.


  1. A mix of Phoebe and Monica. Phoebe, because she is goofy and a bit ditsy, and Monica because she is a bit OCD and loves to cook.
  2. Marcel the monkey
  3. Our love of music, dancing and banana bread.

We’ve got 4,5 Monica’s, 2,5 Phoebe’s, 1 Chandler, 1 Joey, 1 Rachel, 1 Ross and 1 Mr Heckles! Which FRIENDS character are you?