COVID-19 update

like shakespeare and newton, we can do great work through quarantine!

Whilst we understand the gravity of the current COVID-19 pandemic and respect and agree with our government’s decision to put South Africa in lockdown, we refuse to let it quell our creativity and energy!

The Power of 9 team is working from home and is as motivated as ever to deliver great work and help our clients get through this challenging time.
We are all available on our emails and mobile numbers and look forward to working with you through the lockdown.

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“the weight of this time, we must obey”

The year was 1606, when, Shakespeare, a hardworking actor in The King’s Men theatre group was put out of work due to the bubonic plague. Before the playhouses reopened, almost a year later, he had written King Lear, Macbeth, Anthony and Cleopatra!

#stayhealthy #stayhome #staypositive

“if I have seen further than anyone, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”

Isaac Newton spent his quarantine through the 1665 bubonic plague at his family estate outside London. During this time he wrote papers, developed theories and, inspired by the view of an apple tree outside his window started his work on gravity!

#togetherathome #viewfrommywindow