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February 9th, 2012 by

Have you heard of Pinterest, the relatively new and addictive social networking site? It’s been called 2012′s hottest website. There’s a lot of buzz online about it but if you’re not sure what Pinterest is and how to use it, here are some facts worth pinning…

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 What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a ‘virtual pinboard’ which allows users to collate, save and share beautiful, cool and crazy things found on the web.

Pins look a bit like a Polaroid snap shots, grabbing images and links from websites.

Users can add captions to ‘pins’, follow other people on Pinterest, save pins posted by others into their own pinboards by ‘repinning’ them and join discussions by posting comments on pins.

What’s all the fuss?

A Shareaholic study found Pinterest is driving more traffic to sites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined!

From September 2011 to December 2011 the site had a whopping estimated visitor increase of 429% and with the trend towards peer-to-peer social shopping, US retailers are seeing increased online traffic from Pinterest according to this infographic.

Why should you care?

Central to most social media strategies is the all important Facebook fan page but while Facebook continues to boast growth, early adopters have started to grumble about the social network (myself included).

Thanks to the new unpopular Timeline feature, some people have started debating whether it’s time to opt out of Facebook.

Facebook might be around for a while as older generations, still enjoy the honeymoon phase and novelty of reconnecting with old high school friends, but studies have found that teens don’t want to ‘hang out’ on Facebook with mom, dad and aunty Sue. And as for millenials, Amanda Sevasti uncovered why they’ve been opting out of Facebook in her Memeburn column last year.

Could the writing be on the wall for Facebook?  That’s anyone’s guess but as anyone who loved and left Myspace would know, you should never put all your links in one social network.

So in the spirit of trying new things, Power of 9 has joined Pinterest, click here to follow us. Oh, and of course you’re welcome to pin this : )

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