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July 26th, 2010 by

Olive oil is by its very nature a partner; it is seldom, if ever, enjoyed on its own. Whether it’s an ingredient in a marinate, a dip, a dressing or whether it’s used in the cooking process to baste, roast, fry or bake it serves to enhance or complement another food type.

Filippo Berio brings good food and lovers of good food together; it introduces people to the tastes of myriad food products. On its own it is of little value; its role is to enhance and complement.

Our concept is ‘Fall In Love With Food’. In the advert we depict the ingredients rising from the bland salad to form a vibrant and colourful ‘person’ who embraces her olive oil lover in a passionate dance. Filippo Berio’s passion for food is captured in the flowing movement of both the dance and the oil and in the love affair between the two.

We got the idea started with this rough sketch that shows a stream of Filippo Berio Olive Oil engaging with his salad ingredient lover:

We felt that the oil was not ‘human’ enough and commissioned illustrator Ralf Broemer to bring the drama and passion of our idea to life.

The final illustration:

It’s all in the detail:

We then created a custom font that complemented the campaign:

To complete the advert we asked Chaz Williams to light up a 1L Filippo Berio Olive Oil bottle and shoot it on black to go with our moody and dramatic illustration:

The final advert:

See how we made the website come alive!

Daryl Glass – creative director

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